Wholesome Pride Pet Treats was started in 2013 with the vision to provide a line of single & limited ingredient
dog treats to improve the lives, health, and balance in your pet’s nutrition. Each product has been carefully created using the best high quality ingredients on the market today. Loaded with natural vitamins, minerals
and fiber for a boost of nutrition, with a texture that
satisfies your pup’s cravings for chewing. Best thing,
they’re highly digestible so they’re easy on sensitive
tummies. Plus, you won’t find any grains, fillers,
preservatives or artificial ingredients in the resealable,
stay-fresh pouch.


Key Benefits

  • Made with 100% natural, USA-grown, dried sweet potatoes as the only ingredient for optimum flavor and chewing action.

  • Loaded with natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so they’re great as an anytime treat or snack.

  • 100% vegetarian, grain-free and highly digestible so they’re great for pups with sensitive stomachs.

  • Provides the rugged texture dogs love to chew on, and plenty of dietary fiber to promote healthy digestion.

  • Made in the USA with USA-sourced ingredients, and zero grains, fillers, wheat, preservatives or artificial ingredients; comes in a resealable pack to keep them fresh.


Switched to this brand of sweet potato treats after the one we were using became hard to find. Love that they are made in the US. My dog and all his playmates love them. They are easy to cut into smaller pieces and the bag lasts for awhile. ----SLN

My dog has allergies, so I am careful about what I give her. She loves these. She is a small pug so I cut the big ones in half or thirds. -----JMATT

They do what they're supposed to do. The dog enjoyed them. They're relatively thin slices of dehydrated sweet potato. Pretty basic. I cut them with the kitchen shears to make smaller bites for my little dog. ------SANN

By CPCapitola on Mar 1, 2019 I am a dog walker and I've found that these are an excellent snack when everyone needs to chill a bit! I feel like I'm giving them something healthy, it takes awhile for them to consume the treat (read: buys me time when they are occupied), and it is virtually mess-proof. Nice big pieces of sweet potato!

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